Enjoy the unique backing to your India operations

Remunance provides the single point solution for all your needs of building India delivery center. We help you to quickly scale up the talent pool and India customer base without much of upfront investment and hassles.

We offer flexible approach to execute your India strategy. You can pick and choose from our basket of services such as, form the subsidiary in India within stipulated time, build your unique infrastructure, use our infrastructure to kick start the operations. We help you find the right workforce. Our back office support helps your enterprise to run business operations smoothly etc.

No investment Approach

It is always better to have a low-risk path when you want to establish your own offshore delivery team in India. Our inDcubation services make it possible to establish excellent operational control without any upfront capital investment.

Company formation

When you are looking for the efficient way of establishing India subsidiary in a time-bound basis, we are the most obvious choice. Our expertise in building 100% subsidiaries makes your venture a grand success. We build and support the operations flawlessly and efficiently.

Growth support

Without effective operational support, your business can’t function well. We not only help in building a network in India ecosystem but take care of all support services as well. Payroll and Time Office management, HR and administration, compliance, policy information, accounting and bookkeeping, and IT Infrastructure are to name a few.

Retaining the complete operational control is no longer a concern when you get excellent inDcubation services offered by us.
Our business model makes it possible for you to start operations with zero investment. We resolve all your queries and clear all your concerns.

Our Value add


while you are managing your India operations from so far, you need to get the right pulse of the operations and happenings. We will act as your eyes and ears on the ground


The right team builds the right business. We help you in achieving timely compliance, setting right policies and choosing the best team.


We have a set of methods and processes based on in-depth research. We offer reliable services that help you in managing the resources well. Our response time is fast and the time estimations are accurate. Your eyes and ears–We are your eyes and ears on the India operation. When you concentrate on expanding the operations Pan-India, we measure the pulse of operations.


We are well versed with the local issues, and therefore, we enrich your expertise in understanding the local market far better. It is the first step towards building a sustainable Pan-India presence.


With our help, you connect with the best business partners and influential companies. When you join hands with the right forums in the industry, it becomes very easy to develop the right mindshare in the local ecosystem.


We believe in high business ethics and transparency of services. With that, we become the perfect helping hand to your team. You concentrate on business expansion and take it to unprecedented heights.


Plan to start operations in India is an important strategic decision. Remunance partners with customers throughout this strategic phase in a structured and transparent way that proceeds in three phases – Analyze, plan and execute


A decision of Starting a delivery unit out of India look beyond the obvious cost arbitrage and address several enterprise-wide issues such as: What are the regulatory and operational risks? How do we ensure that there is no business disruption? What investments are needed? What location inn India? How will the change be managed? Are we ready for the change? How do we start? Remunance helps customers find answers to these and similar questions.


Based on the objective behind starting India delivery center and status of the organization (stealth mode,
VC funded, established) Remunance helps customer decide the model of execution and milestones of each.


Remunance has a structure to ensure that customer can remotely monitor the progress through status information, and through daily, weekly and monthly calls/reports based on the detail time plan.

"Incubating a new operation in a new geography is a complex task. You need operational support from somebody that possesses local knowledge and global vision. After evaluating various alternatives, we chose Remunance to set up our India operations and are really happy with our decision."


Company Name: Loxodrome Inc. USA

"We really appreciate your dedication and commitment to making our India operations successful and are counting on same level of support going forward."


Company Name: Gemstone Inc. USA

"Ours was a new business and we wanted a BOT vendor who is adaptive, quick learner and highly responsive. Remunance was exactly that. It was a great experience working with Remunance team."


Company Name: Excelize Inc. USA

"India/stratergy" is the necessity for an aspiring start-up like ours. Your custom made indcubation solution and network in the tech eco-system helped us in a big way-Thanks.

Operations Head

Company Name: CXO Systems Inc. USA

"Since 2008, Adaptive Insights has been depending on the services of Remunance to manage our India development center . We have been very satisfied with our experience. Remunance helps us on many levels,including:management of payroll, compliance with tax and business regulations,recruitment of employees,identfication and buildout of office space. Adaptive trust Remunance's good advice and counsel on business best practises, regulation, and personal matters.We appreciate Remunance's flexibility and look forward to our continued relationship."

Director of Development

Company Name: Adaptive Insights, USA

"Remunance executed STPI & Custom formalities for us with Payroll and accounting services, which were done timely. They added high value with smooth migration during our acquisition/merger process which called for Coordination. We are happy with their efficiency and thoroughness."

Managing Director

Company Name: TSCPL (Interlink. USA)

"We started using Remunance since 2012. Services included payroll calculation, TDS submissions, monthly financial accounts preparation, audit engagement, tax compliance, and others. Remunance high standard of service and commitment has ensured Mintel with smooth operations in India. We look forward to continue working closely for a greater success in future."


Company Name: Finance Controller, Mintel, Singapore

"When we decided to setup a local entity in India, we were looking for a company to whom we could outsource our accounting and payroll function who could be our long team partner in supporting the growth of the company in India. Since 2004,Remunance has been supporting us in maintaining the accounts for our management information and compliance needs. The accounts were always timely and accurate. In the past decade there have been several changes in our organization and in the envorment in which we operate. During this period,Remunance has supported us without any disruption to the business and in our cost effective manner."


Company Name: YSIPL (Yardi, USA)

"When LoyLogic started the process, he found Remunance to be the right partner in getting us started quickly.Given that they have done it many times, they have the right knowledge, and also the right contact with the authorities and within the industries to solve any hurdles that might spring. Post incubation there services continue in back office management so that our team could focus on what is core to our business. Their team is thoroughly professional,creates a plan and provides status update regularly throughout the project."


Company Name: LoyLogic , Switzerland

Success Stories


Unique partner in India

Remunance is a Pune-based company that is known for incredible business support services. 4Our strengths are reliability, transparency and quality assurance.

We nurture individual talent. We make sure that high-potential team members get transformed into great leaders.

The aim is to inculcate sound ethical practices so that people lead others by setting examples.

We have successfully launched a large number of foreign companies in India. Our success graph shows a constant upward rise.


Our Purpose is to live up to the trust that our clients repose in us. Our team is our core strength and we lay a special emphasis on hiring and retaining people who share the same values that we believe in. Making things simple to consistently meeting delivery expectations


Our mission as a customer centric organization is to make things simple for our customer. We have an intense service orientation and culture in our office. High integrity is at the heart of our values and philosophy.


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