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Professional Employer Organization (PEO) Services

Employees aren’t mere bank accounts for an organization, but resources that run the organization and take it to newer heights. With business progressing, the complexities as well have evolved, with today employee management transforming into a separate vertical for the organization operating by an independent hierarchy. Managing employees in a different country is a tough task, which swaps too much of the management bandwidth and defocuses them from the core business activities. For the foreign enterprises, in particular, to operate in a challenging environment with different cultures and compliance complexities, the professional employer organizations (PEO) simplify employee management.PEO includes various functions including employee benefits, payroll management, and employee compensation, recruiting, onboarding, training, and development along with employee risk and safety management, etc.

Indcubate – The Solution as the Comprehensive Professional Employer Organization

Yes, it is Indcubate! With several years of evolved experience and expertise in business incubation services, Indcubate has developed its expertise over managing various employee management functions for diverse industry types, thus making it a comprehensive professional employer organization (PEO). It is not just the complexities of employee management functions that are addressed through Indcubate, but also saving on the costs of recruiting full-time employees despite the dearth of full time or long-term projects at hand, resulting in a considerable increase in the employee downtime, and subsequent recurring expenses for the organization.
Here, as a PEO, Indcubate hires people on a project basis, thus utilizing their potential to the fullest, and also helping the company save on employees costs otherwise incurred in searching, hiring and nurturing them. Besides, the clients also do not have to cope with the complexities of payroll operations, employee benefits, etc. However, this is not even half of the story! There’s much more to the services offered at Indcubate.

Indcubate has the best employee hosting in India. The employee hosting is a feature that facilitates us to offer support to our client during times of economic turbulence by keeping the operations smooth with better personnel management services. We ate Indcubate value the fact that better work culture and job security brings out the best of efforts from the employees resulting in a flourishing of the firm. With our employee hosting scheme, we provide better benefits for the personnel so as they could work proficiently under the client firm. With this feature, the client could scale down the labor cost considerably as the personnel from Indcubate charge less than permanent staffing charge with high success rate. This will help the client to retain the key staffs along with a new proficient cost effect task force. Indcubate also offers alternative hiring feature so that the client firm could absorb personnel who have fitted the firm’s resume with good performance.

What does Indcubate as a PEO do?

As a PEO, Indcubate takes care of a wide range of operational aspects, including the following.


  • At Indcubate, we offer balanced and appropriate advice to all the prospective employees that involve an understanding of the complete picture of the benefits and the shortcomings associated with working for a PEO.
  • Indcubate never markets, promotes or advertises its services to act as a means of making savings on taxes, or to gain any form of a monetary or any other kind of relaxation on tax payments.
  • The expert, absolutely professional and sincere team at Indcubate ensures a complete and careful legislative compliance towards all the rules and regulations and terms and conditions as prescribed by the law. Thus Indcubate establishes itself as a reasonable employer under the law.
  • Besides legal compliance, we also ensure that the taxes, payments, and all the other financial transactions are done in time and abiding all the associated rules and regulations.
  • Since documentation is an important, rather imperative part of every business, we maintain all the related records and documentation in a careful and an organized manner. In addition, we maintain a clear and transparent communication at every stage of the project, thereby, in a way, contributing to the process of informed decision making for the decision makers.

Employee Benefits

At Indcubate, we understand the significance and the long-running impact of offering and living up to the commitment of offering employee benefits. Hence, from the viewpoint of keeping the attrition levels down and therefore the employee turnover, we offer the below employee benefits.

  • We offer employees a wide range of pension options.
  • As we believe in fair and equal treatment to all the employees, we’ve established sound work and conduct processes to ensure that none of the employees, irrespective of his/ her designation or the level of responsibilities, is left out anywhere.
  • In the pursuit of treating everyone fairly and equally, we ensure that all the standard procedures associated with employee disciplinary actions as well as employee grievances are followed.
  • Besides, we also ensure that none of the employees are deprived of availing the statutory rights between the projects.
  • To ensure that employees strike a perfect work-life balance, we offer employees an alternative to flexible holiday pay arrangements, which helps them avail holidays or leaves based on the circumstances.
  • To deliver the desired amount of productivity and to adhere to the minimum working hours regulations, we pre-plan and organize employee timings and shifts. This practice ensures the implementation of the minimum working hours as mentioned in the employee contracts.

Conducting business on foreign soil, and that too India is already a challenging task. And, if these complications weren’t enough, employee management offer another set of complexities thus, at times, disrupting your focus on your core business. But, as an employer, since it is imperative to comply with the rules and regulations, and at the same time focus on the core business part, consulting and hiring a local associate such as Indcubate becomes necessary. So, do not entangle yourself into the functional aspects of employee management. Get in touch with Indcubate today, and get over with it!


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