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An office, irrespective of the business it houses, is comprised of the front office, also referred to as the client interface, and the back office, comprised of the back end tasks. At times, a lot of foreign companies, owing to their market and business intelligence, get through with handling the client interface and emerge victoriously. However, the equally critical back-office functions require business owners to be in cognizance of the compliance part, the expertise to compute things and so on.
Many subsidiaries in India are extremely focused on the core technology work. These companies hire only technology experts and they expect the support systems to be productive. However, the back end support that involves hiring resources, grievance management, office administration, IT infrastructure management, bookkeeping, accounting, payroll, secretarial and managing compliances are all imperative from the viewpoint of accomplishing the organizational objectives. Incubate has built an expertise in supporting subsidiaries meaningfully and effectively with an objective to better the productivity of the Indian delivery team.

Setting up a Back Office? It isn’t as simple, but Indcubate simplifies it!

Setting up a back office support system in India requires a thorough understanding of various business processes including accounting, human resources, administration, compliance, etc. Besides, the service provider is also expected to be aware of the rules and regulations that govern each of these activities, so that the client organization does not falter anywhere.
Now, requirements of every business vary by its nature and the government policies that surround it. Hence, at Indcubate, we ensure that we upgrade our understanding of the business, our knowledge, decision-making abilities, and only then take over the business processes to run them in a hassle-free manner.
Our business expertise and the strong willpower to help our clients out have helped us venture in different back office areas including subsidiary formation services, staffing services, office space management, payroll management, compliance management, and many other based on the client’s requirements. Scroll down through the page to take a look at each one of these.

Streamlining your Back Office Operations with IndcubateBack Office Support in India

Subsidiary Formation Services in India

The subsidiary formation is where the actual game begins. Particularly in India, subsidiary formation could be a complicated task, given the approvals, documents required and many other clauses and conditions that revolve around it. At Indcubate, we ensure that everything is taken care of through the most appropriate and legal means, and most importantly in the quickest way possible! The process begins with entity creation, followed by the appropriate registration process, thereby resulting in the formation of a subsidiary.

Staffing Services

Of course, as it is people who are going to run the organization, it is organic for every foreign enterprise to be confronted with staffing concerns in the initial phases. With Indcubate, you don’t have to run around searching for staff across the different corners of the country. You are only required to contact Indcubate and convey your requirement, and the rest is delivered! Indcubate recruits the best hands working for your back office support, thereby ensuring the fulfillment of your objectives.

Office Space

Office space, over the years, has become strategic. At Indcubate, we help you find the most appropriate and strategically the best office space for your business. However, finding an office is not the only assistance offered at Indcubate. We also help you set up your office with the required office supplies, infrastructure, interior, technology, etc. aligned with nature of your business, thus, in turn, helping you ensure the highest productivity and employee satisfaction levels.

Compliance Management

Compliance must be approved by various government authorities. With Indcubate, compliance requirements are comprehensively fulfilled. The fundamental range of back-office support services is efficiently taken care of by various registered agencies.

Payroll Management

As one of the most complex operations, payroll management requires an expert and experienced hand at work. Indcubate ensures that the payroll operations are carried out in the most efficient, accurate and compliant manner.

Indcubate Perfect 3 Stage Success Process – Analysis, Planning, and Execution

Analysis Stage: This stage involves a comprehensive analysis of the regulatory and operational risks involved in the business. Further, this stage will also involve reviewing different locations to select the strategically most appropriate location for your business. This stage is where all your concerns as a foreign enterprise, would be answered.

Planning Stage: Once that the analysis of every business aspect is in place, Indcubate proceeds with planning the venture. Planning encompasses preparing the best and a sustainable business model, through planning various aspects such as investments, establishment type, etc.

Execution Stage: This is where the project is executed. This process helps in monitoring the statistics that can be executed on a weekly and monthly basis. Remember, the success of your back-office operations as well is critical for your business, and therefore ignorance or delays towards streamlining the back office operations, may not be a good idea! So get in touch with Indcubate today, and get things associated with back office support in India sorted.


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