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Employee Hosting Service in India | Staffing for Foreign Companies

Business, for many, is about money and also about people. We don’t wish to put forth a principle here. However, the point here is that people in business are as important as money is. Although work processes, technology, and equipment constitute to the major chunk of an organization’s productivity, it is those human beings that create, develop, test, and execute everything in the organization. Foreign entrepreneurs look at India very optimistically but are also unaware of the challenges before they test the ground and invest in this challenging environment. Business incubation or hosting is the best low cost, zero investment alternatives. Indcubate has mastered this business model and many companies have got benefited with this unique offering.

The Need for a Local Incubation Associate

But, finding the right kind of people could be a real challenge, especially for foreign companies that do not have a comprehensive understanding of Indian human resources. Apparently, given the abundance of resources in India, searching for resources in the local market may seem to be a park in a walk, however, not when one confronts the ground realities. And, if the realities weren’t enough, the lengthy procedures of releasing those expensive advertisements, gathering resources, scheduling multiple rounds of interviews, recruiting them and finally training them, all of which seems to be super Herculean! Indcubate has a solution to these concerns. Scroll down to know more.

Getting the Right Brains to Work! | Indcubate Staffing for Foreign Companies

  • With our excellent and end-to-end staffing for foreign companies, we ensure the best and the most trustworthy staffing services, right from identifying the type of resources required for a particular project to onboarding them, and getting them ready for the challenges to come.
  • We at Indcubate, understand the criticality of human resources for an organization and therefore ensure that we handpick only the best and most reliable people for our clients.
  • We also acknowledge the fact that setting up a human resources vertical in India, especially for a foreign country, is a genuine challenge, as that too requires a practical comprehension of the complex HR policies of the country. Therefore, we work as an extended HR team for the foreign company.
  • We help the company get over with the initial challenges, and eventually handing over the well-trained and fully operational unit to the company.

Here’s why you can rely on Indcubate Staffing for Foreign Companies!

All sounds great, but how does Indcubate do it all?

  • Over the years, Indcubate has built a strong and ever-growing network of associates and consultants across the country.
  • As local human resources experts, this taskforce gets the most talented, apt, competent and reliable people into the system. And that’s not it!
  • With all these years of experience, we’ve developed the skill to graduate our level of understanding of the client’s business and its ecosystem, to match that of the client’s, thus leaving no stone unturned while searching for the best and the most appropriate staff required for the organization.
  • Moreover, we aren’t limited to a particular business type. We offer the best staffing for foreign companies regardless of their business, whether it is IT, finance, telecommunication, or any other.

Indcubate Employee Hosting Service in India – Right from Head Hunting to Nurturing!

As an organization, you may not wish to invest in human resources at all, or at times, your business or your industry, as a whole, may be going through turbulence. Irrespective of the situation, Indcubate offers you the most reliable employee hosting service in India. Partnering Indcubate ensures smooth and hassle-free operations despite the adversities around, and that too without making a direct investment in building human resources.
As hosts of the employee base working on the client’s project, we offer some of the best employee benefits thereby fostering higher productivity, top-class quality, complemented by a higher employee satisfaction rate, thereby, in turn, saving money for the clients. Besides, as an alternative hiring feature, clients can absorb the best performing staff in their own system, thus simplifying and streamlining the task of identifying the best resources and hiring them on the company’s payroll.

Quality, Precision, and Competitive Packages – All under One Roof!

Moving towards the commercial aspect of the staffing for foreign companies and employee hosting services, we offer all these services at reasonable prices. However, nowhere do we compromise on the quality part or the service deliverable. Helping foreign companies find the right resources for their business and helping them run their India operations in a smooth and flawless manner, and that too at competitive prices eternally remains the objective of both of our services. Ours is a tested and proven model, as we’ve helped several organizations across the world find appropriate resources, and still going strong!
For an even more detailed description of our staffing for foreign companies and employee hosting services, give us a call at +91 90211 20140 or simply visit and fill up a simple inquiry form for us to help you serve in a better manner.


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